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Hard Reline
Hard Reline is an automatically mixable composite-material for direct (chairside) relining of partial and comlete dentures. Additionally it is suitable for elongaton of denture edges and repairing smaller defects at the dentures. Combined with Hard Reline primer a safe bonding to all dentures maded from cold-curing resin is guaranteed..


  • Easy handling due to automatic mixing
  • Ideal in consistency, not flowing
  • Perfect anatomic suitability
  • Low temperature development
  • Outstanding polishing characteristics
  • Chameleon effect
  • Free of methyl methacrylate
  • Relining does not take more than 15 minutes

Hard Reline
50 ml cartridge + accessories
REF 51160005  
Hard Reline primer
10 ml bottle + brush applicator
REF 51160001